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Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Community!

These Guidelines are designed to foster a friendly, supportive, and creative community for Fudge fans to interact with one another, sharing ideas and enthusiasm. Please help us by following the rules and taking the guidelines in this document to heart.

The Rules

There are only two rules for participation in the Fudge Community on

1. Keep discussions, blogs, podcasts, articles, and comments "on topic" (that includes anything relating to the Fudge roleplaying game).

2. Practice good Netiquette and common courtesy (see the Netiquette page at

If you feel anyone has violated the above rules (including in any private messages or comments), please report the incident to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How to Use This Website

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Welcome to!

There's a lot to explore and do here.

If you're "just visiting," feel free to browse the site for information about Fudge, Grey Ghost Games, this website, and our products. And of course shop for commercial Fudge products.

Visit our forums to see some general discussions of Fudge and Grey Ghost Games products, and to catch up on Fudge events. You can also become a member of the Fudge Community Yahoo Group to browse its archives and receive the Fudge Community messages via email if you wish.

This website thrives on community-contributed material. Check out the blogs hosted on as an example.

If that's not enough, register as a member of and you'll be able to:


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This website thrives on Fudge Community member contributions. Here are some of the recent additions!

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