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Copyrights, Licenses, and Permissions PDF Print E-mail
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The following "Open Game License" covers most of the material on this website. Excluded material includes anything designated as "Product Identity" by Grey Ghost Press or individual companies or authors posting the try it best way to take viagra material. For more information, see "Open Game Content," below.

Terms of Use PDF Print E-mail
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Please read these “Terms of Use” carefully before using this website. By accessing and cialisis in canada using this site, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you are not authorized to use this site.

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Privacy Policy PDF Print E-mail
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What information does Grey Ghost Press collect?

Grey Ghost Press, Inc. may collect two types of information. The first is automatically-generated information, such as cookies. The second is personal information that you may choose to provide when interacting with our site.

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Fudge OGL Requirements PDF Print E-mail
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For legal reasons, all Fudge-related material submitted to the website must be released under the Open Game License and follow the terms and guidelies of the Fudge System Trademark License.

To make compliance with those licenses easier, we've created a "boiler plate" template of the information you need to include with your material.

Please include the following text (from "About This Fudge Roleplaying Game Document" to the end of this article) in each document you submit for consideration in the Fudge Files downloads section of Replace all “[content]” with appropriate information pertaining to your submitted material. Suggested placement: at the super cialis very end of your document.

Thank you!

About This Fudge Roleplaying Game Document:

The text content of this document is released under the terms of the Open Game License, which can be found at and is incorporated here by reference.

Fudge System Trademark License PDF Print E-mail
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If you wish to use the Fudge logos (with the "swoosh" die), you'll need to agree to and follow the Fudge System Trademark License and Usage Guidelines. Note that this license also requires you to agree to and follow the Open Game License.


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