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Grey Ghost Press is owned and operated by Ann Dupuis (that’s me!). I’ve been a freelance writer, editor, and cartographer in the roleplaying game industry since 1990, when I first began writing for Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS system and TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons system. When the “Known World” setting for TSR’s D&D line became the Mystara setting for AD&D, I moved along with it.

After a few years, I grew a bit restless working for other companies. At the same time, my good friend Steffan O’Sullivan was polishing up his FUDGE game system (then known as the Freeform Universal Donated Game Engine -- the first “open source” roleplaying game system that I know of). I saw an opportunity to start my own game company and promote the Fudge game at the same time.

Over the years, Grey Ghost Press has produced high-quality, fun roleplaying games and supplements using the Fudge game system. Most of Grey Ghost Games’s products have been nominated for or have won various awards, including Origins Awards and Ennies.

Since 2005, I've not released any new books, although I have introduced some new Fudge dice and new dice colors.

Why the long break? 

Game publishing is expensive, and not a good way to "get rich quick. Gamemastering Secrets, one of our best-sellling book, came out in 2002, but the fulfillment center that handled the initial sales went out of business (owing Grey Ghost Press and other companies a LOT of money). When I released two hardcovers in the same year, and that year turned out to be the year that the roleplaying game industry contracted (almost half the game stores in the US closed), I was left with a lot of debt and not much capital. Coupled with my going "pro" as a dog behavior consultant in 2005, that meant I had neither the time nor the money to produce additional books.

Then in 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I kicked its ass! but recovery took time. Fortunately, sales of Fudge dice skyrocketed (due to the popularity of FATE games that use Fudge dice), and that started bringing money again.

Time is still short, but I have some ideas for additional Grey Ghost Games products, especially in the Terra Incognita line. Stay tuned!

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Grey Ghost Games is a division of Grey Ghost Press, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to producing excellent products for gamers. We first published Fudge (Limited Edition) in 1994, in a previous incarnation of the company known as "Wild Mule Games."

In 1995, we published the Fudge book (Fudge dice were also made available).

In 1996, we released Gatecrasher (2nd Edition), a complete role-playing game and campaign setting using a pre-customized version of the Fudge rules. (The Gatecrasher game is now owned by Seraphim Guard and is available in .pdf format.)

In 1997, we published A Magical Medley (a collection of magic systems for Fudge and other role-playing games). A Magical Medley was nominated for an Origins Award!

In late 1998, we released Santa's Secret, a 24-page Fudge / Gatecrasher / Christmas adventure with pre-generated characters and All the Rules You Need to Know. (This adventure is available from Seraphim Guard.)

In 1999, we released Fudge Dice in four new colors!

In 2000, we published Fudge Expanded Edition, a new printing of the same Fudge rules with some new additions, including Fantasy Fudge, a pre-customized version of Fudge; a Fantasy Fudge adventure; and a collection of fantasy creatures. It was nominated for an Origins Award.

In 2000, we released Another Fine Mess, by Ann Dupuis, a stand-alone Animal Companions adventure with All the Rules You Need to Know. It was also nominated for an Origins Award.

In 2001, we released Terra Incognita: the NAGS Society Handbook, by Scott Larson. This was nominated for an Origins Award.

In 2002, we released Gamemastering Secrets (2nd Edition), by Aaron Rosenberg and several guest contributors. This is a book of advice for Game Masters of all systems, with examples drawn from Fudge and d20. This was nominated for an Origins Award – and won!

In 2003, we published The Eleven Kingdoms, a poster map of the Deryni world created by best-selling fantasy author Katherine Kurtz.

In 2005, we released the Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition (two pounds of Fudge with crunchy toppings!). This was nominated for an Ennie Award ("Best Product" category).

In 2005, we also published The Deryni Adventure Game, a Fudge roleplaying game set in the Deryni universe, and released Deryni Dice: Fudge dice (four black and four white) packaged in a pop-top cube. Deryni Dice can serve as props in the game, doubling as "ward cubes" (magically charged items the Deryni mages use to aid in magic rituals and spells). The Deryni Adventure Game was nominated for an Origins Award.

In 2008, we released Fudge Dice in "players packs" – four Fudge dice in a dice tube.

In 2010, we introduced Fudge Olympic Dice – "pearlized" Fudge dice in gold, silver, and bronze, packaged as a set in a clear plastic box.

Currently in the works: releasing Grey Ghost Games products for sale in electronic (.pdf) format. Another Fine Mess (Animal Companions adventure) and Gamemastering Secrets are currently available:

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