Nym Gibran

Nym Gibran

21:05 <~bynw> *Master Nym is taking care of some business while visiting the material plane. He is in the Matrix chambers in the mountains surrounding the Glass Desert*
21:06 < Nym_Gibran> ::Sits cross legged on the floor of the chamber, in a lite meditation::
21:07 <~bynw> *the Matrix alerts him that he has a visitor. A projection into the heart of the chamber just above its mosaic tiled floor*
21:08 <~bynw> *As the projection takes shape, it forms into a 3-dimensional image of a man ...
21:09 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks up coming out of his meditation and looks at the image::
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21:10 <~bynw> *the image is translucent, like that of a ghost, but common to the forms of someone skilled in the arts of using a Matrix to communicate with another ...
21:12 <~bynw> *as the man appears before Nym he realizes it is not a man. Nym recognizes the person respresented by the projected form. This is no man. It is Ambrose Ibly of Einar. The Prince of the undead of that region. A blood drinking unnatural monster.*
21:13 <~bynw> "Master Gibran" ::It says with a bow::
21:16 < Nym_Gibran> "Ambrose." ::his tone is chilly, his manner is annoyed::
21:18 < Nym_Gibran> ::Sighs, and seems to relax a bit. His face smooths:: "How goes your battle?"
21:20 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "I know he don't see eye to eye. You have a distrust of my people. Some of it healthy, but some of it is misjudged"
21:22 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "I am hear to invite you to a conclave. Of an urgent matter. We will be meeting within an hours time."
21:24 < Nym_Gibran> ::Raises an eyebrow:: "Interesting. Do you consider all undead 'your people' or just the repentant ones?"
21:26 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "I consider everyone of my blood my people. Just as all Deryni are your people. Some are 'repentant' and others are not."
21:32 < Nym_Gibran> "That is where you and I differ. Some deryni are more monster then you, and I wouldn't call them my people by any stretch. However, I accept your invitation. I promise not to issue violence unless violence is issued. Beyond that I cannot say."
21:34 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "Execellent Master Gibran. You do not need to worry about physical violence. There will be none at the conclave. And I will be the only one of my kind there. We will all attend as I am here now. A projection of ourselves. I have left coordinates to focus your attendance. All you have to do is use this" ::he glances around the chamber:: "and you will be there with the rest of us."
21:37 < Nym_Gibran> ::Nods:: "I will attend."
21:38 <~bynw> ::he nods and the projection disapates like the vapors of a shadowed image::

21:55 <~bynw> lets continue sir ... it's about an hour since your visitor left so time for the conclave
21:58 < Nym_Gibran> k
21:59 < Nym_Gibran> ::Again takes a medatative siting position and projects the image of himself to the conclave as he is::
22:01 <~bynw> ::Nym's form appears in his sitting position on a floor that looks like he's in a Matrix chamber. There are 3 others around him ... the 4 marking the cardinal points of a compass with Nym in the South. The others are standing.::
22:04 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks about the room, and at the others::
22:04 <~bynw> ::directly opposite of Nym stands Ambrose:: "Master Gibran" ::he says with a nod::
22:05 <~bynw> ::the 2 figures to the left and right of Nym are wearing hooded cloaks::
22:06 <~bynw> :: the one to the left pulls down his hood. It is Temere, without any kind of a disguise. He gives Nym a smile:: "You can stand with us Master Gibran"
22:06 < Nym_Gibran> ::Nods to Ambrose:: "Ambrose."
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22:08 < Nym_Gibran> ::Nods to Temere and stands:: "Master Temere." ::Bows to Temere::
22:09 < Nym_Gibran> ::Raises an eyebrow at the fourth mysterious hooded figure::
22:10 <~bynw> ::the person to Nym's right pulls down his hood, he is an old white haired man. Nym has never seen him before. He nods to Nym:: "I am D'nar"
22:12 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "We are complete here. This conclave is well secured against any who might attempt to interrupt it or even easedrop on it."
22:17 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "Masters Gibran and Temere. You are both here because you are Anadari. And although trust may not go both ways between all of us. I trust all of you. Your assistance maybe needed."
22:20 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "The desert Kingdom of Ranieth in Kaec has reported to me a disturbing fact. The dark lords of Kaec are growing in strength. Myself and " ::he glances over to D'nar:: " D'nar believe that those forces maybe after the Matrix there. To let if fall in to the hands of Kaec's dark lords is nothing we want repeated."
22:22 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks a bit confused:: "None of the history I've read mentions much of anything about Kaec, much less any of this. Can you elaborate?"
22:24 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Kaec has long been ruled by those of pure heart. There was once a Great Lord who called himself Spector. He turned his back on what he was taught. And conqured many of the lands there.
22:24 <~bynw> "Creating a great war that raged across the whole of the island and threatend its very existance. He almost gained control of the Matrix there."
22:27 <~bynw> "The surviving Great Lords summoned help. And the one who was called was Icarus van Starra. Son of Anthony. An Anadari Knight of the 1st generation."
22:28 < Nym_Gibran> ::nods to show his recognition of the very famous name::
22:31 < Nym_Gibran> ::Bows to D'Nar:: "I do not know you, and I do not pretend to know the heart of the Kaec people. I swear to you I mean no offense to you or them with what I say...."
22:31 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "After a number of quests into Kaec. Icarus and his alies were able to defeat Spector and free the land once more from its taint. It is only because he was Anadari was he capable of this task."
22:32 < Nym_Gibran> "When I was young I rushed to the aid of the weak and believed in the pure of heart..."

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Re: Nym Gibran

20:01 <~bynw> *Nym was invited to a secret meeting with 3 others. The Anadari Haldren Master and Prince Temere. Prince Ambrose Ibly of Einar, a vampire. And a newcomer to Nym, named D'nar.
20:03 <~bynw> *they have talked about Kaec and the Matrix there being in danger. As the Dark lords of Kaec are on the rise again after more than a 1000 years.*
20:04 < Nym_Gibran> "What makes these Dark lords so....bad?"
20:08 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Much the same as any tyrant. No rights exist under their rule. They destroy or enslave whomever they encounter. And with a Matrix. They will completely control the island and then look beyond its shores."
20:13 < Nym_Gibran> ::Sighs:: "If you broke these dark lords power before, where did they go to lick their wounds?"
20:16 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Spector himself and several of the higher ranking lords that followed him were put to death or died during the conflicts. The others were imprisoned. Some died there. Others were reformed."
20:18 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks confused:: "That sounds pretty definitive. Who leads them now?"
20:19 <~bynw> "This is now centuries later. Decendents of those Lords are now the Lords. Old scores to settle. The corrupting nature of power itself. The last battle wasn't in as fresh as the Mohadine battles. Wounds have been licked and some have festered unchecked for ages."
20:20 <~bynw> ::  D'nar looks across to Temere:: "
20:21 <~bynw> "We don't know" ::  D'nar responds:: "Just that our alies in Kaec have alerted us to several Lord defecting from the High Council and turning their backs on the ancient ways of the land."
20:22 < Nym_Gibran> "Has anyone tried just talking to them?"
20:26 <~bynw> ::Ambrose:: "Yes. Their remaining brothers of the High Council. They have attempted to find the root of the greivences. But the defectors are not talking. One did, in the beginning. The next morning his body was found hanging from the spires of his castle."
20:28 <~bynw> "Four Lords of the Kingdom of Ranieth were approached by the defecting faction. 3 of them refused to join. All are quite dead."
20:31 < Nym_Gibran> ::Raises an eyebrow:: "I see. It sounds like it's very personal. Any indication from these lords that this was their intention? What happened to make them defect?"
20:33 <~bynw> ::Temere:: "For some its the alure of power. All of those who have rejected the old ways of Kaec seem to have increased their psychic abilities 10 fold. Some have become awakened to their psychic abilities. It's like Valimar all over again."
20:35 < Nym_Gibran> "I don't understand. How is turning their backs on your traditions increasing their powers, much less that much?"
20:36 <~bynw> ::  D'nar pulls out a carved crystaline cube. roughly 3 inches on each side:: "Master Gibran. This is a series of images I received from alies in Kaec. But before I show them to you. I shall answer your question."
20:37 <~bynw> "It is an alure of power. Whoever is leading them. Has the power to increase those that follow. It is a powerful motivator and corruptor."
20:41 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks to Temere curious:: "Do you think this is the man that was behind Chadwick?"
20:42 <~bynw> ::Temere looks across at D'nar:: "Yes. I do. And Chadwick is involved. He seeks to destroy the One Tree and take over the Matrix there for his Master."
20:43 < Nym_Gibran> "The one tree?"
20:44 <~bynw> ::  D'nar::
20:47 <~bynw> "Kaec, even though it has great cities. Multiple Kingdoms and states. They all meet in the High Council. The society is very rurally based. The love of nature is strong in Kaec. They have magical skills that allow them to burn wood without consuming it. To mold and shape stone without breaking it. To travel swiftly through the forests without ever touching the ground."
20:48 <~bynw> "The people of Kaec revere the natural order and everything in it. The One Tree is a physical living tree. The oldest tree."
20:51 <~bynw> "It is not an Oak. Or a Maple, or a Pine or Aspen. But it is all of these. And its roots go deep. They are buried into the Matrix. In a way the One Tree is the Matrix there. And the One Tree gets its life from the Matix. It is sentient. And every so often it calls out to a druid to come and join it."
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20:54 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks impressed::
20:59 < Nym_Gibran> ::Sits back with a sigh:: "Whoever this man behind this is he's collecting Matrix's. I think he is or is linked to the darkness."
21:00 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Chadwicks philosopy appeals to the nature reverence of the people of Kaec. And the High Lords that follow him gain approval of the people. They just don't know they will be enslaved. Or destoryed if they refuse."
21:01 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks over at D'nar:: "You where the one trapped in the Mariabronn matrix. How do you fit in all this?"
21:04 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "You recognize my name. Icarus was the first hero of Kaec. A prince of Mariabronn. Kaec and Mariabronn have long standing ties to one another."
21:07 < Nym_Gibran> "Yes, I recognized the name. Does Kaec share minds the way Mariabronn does?"
21:09 <~bynw> "Share minds in what way? The people of Mariabronn are very open with one another. 'Secrets' are virtually unknown. Thoughts are shared with everyone."
21:11 < Nym_Gibran> ::Looks to Temere again:: "Did you explain to D'nar my philosophical conflicts with Mariabronn?"
21:14 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "I am aware of your conflicts. But Mariabronn has redeemed many."
21:17 < Nym_Gibran> ::Rubs his face, a bit frustrated:: "Your misunderstanding. Mariabronn doesn't have anything to redeem itself for. It's arrogant dealings with the world in the past have already backfired on it. That's something Mariabronn will have to overcome, but has nothing to do with me. Though I admit I still see that same arrogance in it's leadership....."
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21:18 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "The van starra line is not what it used to be. Purhaps I can guide it back."
21:21 < Nym_Gibran> "I certainly hope you can do something. My problem with Mariabronn is that at it's basis I disagree strongly with their philosophy."
21:21 <~bynw> "Mariabronn has redeemed criminals. We have had errors in judgement as well. And those mistakes carry a heavy price. But then we are not infailable. Nor do we claim to be. Our judgements seemed to be the correct path to take, at the time it was made."
21:23 < Nym_Gibran> "Would you stand by and watch a culture you strongly disagree with force itself on another culture? Watch silently as it invades neighboring lands?"
21:25 < Nym_Gibran> "Mariabronn believes it is it's manifest destiny to regain parts of the West Abronn territories, some don't agree."
21:25 < Nym_Gibran> "Some see a dangerous culture expanding it's influence."
21:27 < Nym_Gibran> "I understand these territories wanted Mariabronn's influence. So I stay my hand."
21:27 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "The House of van starra believes that it should regain its lost territories. As do several nobles. I think we are fine where we are now. All of Abronn was a conquered land anyway. As to your other question. It would depend on all the factors present."
21:30 <~bynw> "The nobles did not want to be involved in the war against the Mohadine. It was I that made the suggestion to them. That we should be involved."
21:31 < Nym_Gibran> ::Nods:: "Then all of Adan owes you a debt, myself included."
21:32 < Nym_Gibran> "But that doesn't change my mind on Mariabronn."
21:33 <~bynw> *a physical armored knight appears in the chamber. It is a Bor'dah as it looks about the chamber, its construct mind, brushes against the shields of everyone present*
21:33 < Nym_Gibran> "I never said Mariabronn was evil or bad, if that is the popular notion there then by all means explain to them they mistake me."
21:35 < Nym_Gibran> ::pushes back from the table, a sneer on his face:: "What is that thing doing here?"
21:35 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "The Bor'dah are not under the control of the nobles. They are under mine." ::he says as it fades from existance::
21:36 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "You created a construct once. They can be very useful."
21:38 < Nym_Gibran> ::Raises an eyebrow at D'nar:: "Alex has free will. Yours are just tools to be used. I couldn't have pointed to a better way to illustrate our differences."
21:41 < Nym_Gibran> "Choice. I venerate it, your society doesn't seem to care about it."
21:41 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Most constructs are tools. Free-willed ones are exceptions."
21:43 < Nym_Gibran> "You know why kingdoms don't want to go to war?"
21:44 < Nym_Gibran> "War is hell. It's death. But you've taken that out of war haven't you?"
21:44 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "We will always be at odds. But we can work together for a common goal. Mariabronn venerates tradition, the rule of law, structure and order. within those boundries choices can be made."
21:47 < Nym_Gibran> ::Shakes his head:: "You are correct about the first two parts atleast. I will help Kaec in anyway I can."
21:47 <~bynw> ::  D'nar:: "Excellent. We thank you. Myself and Ambrose."

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