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Before I get started in earnest I want to define a little more about how the rough idea is meant to work, about the game design and structure of the blog. Fudge Fantasy will be roughly based on the Fudge Fantasy section of Fudge 10th edition, diverging when necessary. There is a lot of wisdom in the design, and I will shamelessly borrow from it. What I will do is expand or broaden some approaches and make definite choices for things like damage systems. How, you might say? 

Fudge has very granular levels, making any +1 a huge bonus, so in broad strokes, making any particular stat have a narrower scope allows detail without changing the fundamentals (at least in theory). To stay simple enough to feel like Fudge (to me) these traits will be chosen judicuously, and choosing and explaining them will make up a bulk of what is written here. 

So, future articles should generally follow this approach. You'll see a chunk of text that will be a draft of some particular part of  Fudge Fantasy 101, and then I'll wax poetic about all the decisions involved. I'll certain read any discussion on the material, and if I feel I can use it I may address it here, or in the comments or forums. 

Next Up: Real Content to look over. Character Attributes. Not for the faint of heart!