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With the site coming on-line and public in the last few days, I'll be starting, Fudge Dice willing, to post regularly and interact here, or on the forums, to Fudge 101. I'm writing this as it comes, no real pre-planning, and honestly, no outline. I'm winging it, and hoping that the mistakes and the bad choices are entertaining, or at least informative. Whatever it is, it will be here, live and unvarnished. 

Welcome to Fudge, a universal, and flexible role playing game system. If you have played a role playing game (rpg) before, you may breeze over bits, but the rest of you, listen close, and I promise not to get you too lost in jargon or large chunks of numbers. Another thing is that I won't tell you, at the start, what a role playing game is, really, but show you, throughout the book, what this kind of role playing game is and how I play it. What I will tell you, is that there is often some acting (the role playing part) and a contest, or game portion, to resolve conflicts brought about by your choices for your character. 

Before we talk about what makes up a character though, we need to learn a few bits of information. We'll have some terms to define to make up a "character", for you to play. There will be different traits, and most of them will use the trait levels listed here:


These are simple words to quickly define the different parts of a character. Each one should be obviously better or worse than the next, and give you a quick handle on your character without having to know anything about the probabilities of your dice rolls or how specific game rules work. You could tell another player "Jane has Great strength, is a Good archer, but is Terrible at Chess" and be reading almost verbatim from the information on your character sheet. 

That is the first snippet of Fudge 101. You can already see here that its going to be simple, conversational explaining of Fudge. It is defining a certain specific implementation of Fudge, not the whole toolbox of rules. I'm assuming no previous experience of any type, and hope to show the reader, as the text continues, just how things work bit by bit. I'm stopping here for tonight so I can start in on attributes and skills next time. I won't be breaking much new ground in rules design, I really want to put that "start of the game" conversation in written form in a meaningful and eventually fun way, so new Fudge players can hit the ground running. 

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