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I don't know what came over Ann. She allowed me to have a blog on her site! Is that crazy or what?

Well, greetings and welcome to the official Blog of JTGames (a nifty little name I came up with for the release of FUDGEy and gave me an excuse to use my little mascot).

I've got to admit it. It's probably the reason that I like RPGs all together, but I got a thing for Princesses and Princesses in distress. So, here I have an age old concept that has been used more times that I can count (cause I can't count that high) and I wanted to give it a little twist.

So, uploaded to the Repository of knowledge on this great old Grey Ghost Game site is the JTGames release of "A Fudge Tale: Ice Princess".

I do have a goal of releasing new Fudge Tales per month so there is always an influx of new content and ideas for all you FUDGErs out in the world so stay tuned!