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What do you get when you have a loud mouth trash talking Ghost Knight and an executioner with a sense of humor? I had no clue either until I played my very first FUDGE adventure!

I know, I know. How can this be my first FUDGE game when I'm writing content for the game system? Well, that just shows you how awesome FUDGE is, when I can put my creativity to it and just from reading the rules. Thanks to IRC, I was able to join a game with Knaight as our GM and Jonas "fudgebob dicepants" Susara as the humorous executioner.

Our GM, Knaight, had us pick a setting and we opted for his Shallow Graves. A high medieval fantasy with whole bunch of undead running around with as many cheesy moments as zombies. He had asked for a description of our characters -- I later found out we were using the Fudge on the Fly system (more information here) -- and I chose to be a Ghost Knight, a soldier out to hunt down and destroy all things evil while Jonas picked up an executioner out of work since his master was turned into a zombie.

Like any good story it started off with Sir Gossam, the Ghost Knight and AxeBeard the executioner sitting at a table eating their meals.

The two of you were interrupted from your meal in the tavern by a most unfortunate coincidence. A "lightning strike" hit the roof, and now its on fire. Furthermore, there is a sound outside that sounds something like bones clattering and something like a xylophone.

On exiting the burning building (which in hind sight we completely ignored) we found a large spear-wielding skeleton in mail armor, 2 smaller ones, a fat necromancer, and another skeleton playing on some sort of bone xylophone. Why was he playing? We never found out as Axebeard went to smash the skeleton in, wound up blocked by the larger one and then we were both challenged by the necromancer to beat his new creation.

The whole thing turned out to be a test of a new abomination. The necromancer even had company, a beautiful woman who could float in the air with her own fancy sword with strange markings on it. The battle began with the Executioner using his battle axe, Matilda, against the new spear wielding skeleton, while my idiotic Knight decided to take on the woman who was far superior in all ways.

The battle was fun with Axebeard smashing through the skeletons and Gossam getting pummeled by the flying female.

The floating woman parries Sir Gossams strike effortlessly, then pounds his face with her pommel. "This is fun. We should do this more often."

SirGossam stumbles back spitting out blood and glares at the woman. "Gloat all ya want, wench. We'll see how you like it at the end."

I'm fighting with already a -3 on my superb swordsman skill since the dice only give me a zero or a one. I honestly was laughing out loud while playing cause I found it funny that Gossam's loud mouth continued to trash talk while these girl was effortlessly pummeling him to death.

Suffice to say after I nicked her (and that nick was a Superb roll on the dice!) she kicked a hissy fit and left accusing me of damaging "art". So glad she did not turn around and turn me in to something like a undead gnat. From that point on we chased the Necromancer through the city, fought off his magical serpent (which by the way, Jonas got a nice +3 snagging that ornery snake and then pummeling it to powder).

We found that the Necromancer was trying to get in to the Viper Cult with his new creation, but thanks to a bad perception (had fair and rolled a zero) the necromancer wound up getting the floating woman's sword through the head. We ended the session with discovering a strange spider tattoo on the dead necromancer and the executioner removed it...quite graphically.

I cannot say how excited I was after completing that session. I had looked up from my computer for the first time since playing and found three hours had gone by! I am definitely hooked on continuing to play the FUDGE system. It took a little bit in getting started, but thanks to the patience of both Knaight and Fudgebob, I learned why everybody enjoys the system so much!

In ending, I absolutely enjoyed playing my trash talking Knight even with him getting pummeled and beat around by a floating girl. I learned a lot about what goes in to playing the game and how fun using your imagination truly is. Those kids with their video games are missing out on a lot!

Also, Knaight wanted me to add this disclaimer so here you go!

<b>Knaight claims that Alchemquest is a far, far better setting and this is deliberately cliche ridden!</b>

You can find the full game log at: