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Heroes of Oz: The Lost Unicorn of Oz


Ceros is a young unicorn who fell to Oz from the sky, and now need the Heroes' help getting home. However, the things Ceros says to them about Oz make no sense, and hint that his home is both far away, yet startlingly closer than anyone thinks.

Meanwhile, Old Mombi is trying to recover her lost magic, and a pendant belonging to the young unicorn may be her means to getting it back, and to finally have her revenge on Princess Ozma.

Includes write-ups for Ceros and Mombi, new rules for cutaway scenes, and a place for Heroes of stop during an adventure: the home of Lady Sockyarn.

Submitted By:
Mike Conway (MikeConway)
Submitted On:
31 Dec 2015
File Size:
919.74 Kb
File Author:
Mike Conway
Submitted On:
31 Dec 2015
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