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Mini Demos for the Fudge Game


These demos are designed to be short and sweet (10-20 minutes), covering the basics of the Fudge roleplaying game. Each demo includes two player characters. If you have only one player, give both characters to that player; if you have more than two players, you may give extra copies of the character cards to the additional players (maximum of four players suggested). You can change the “extra” characters’ names (“Stripe” and “Strip,” “Comfrey” and “Chamomile” in the Bunnies demo, for example) or just use the players’ names. All traits remain the same.

Includes 'Character Cards' formatted to be printed on 8.5' x 11' blank perforated business card stock.

Submitted By:
Ann Dupuis (ann)
Submitted On:
24 Dec 2015
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732.61 Kb
File Author:
Ann Dupuis
Submitted On:
24 Dec 2015
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