Fudge Discoveries
Jonas "fudgebob dicepants" Susara looks at all the neat things in Fudge RPG (from the System Reference Document to the latest "build"), as well as checking out new roleplaying trends and innovations adaptable to Fudge.
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Fudge Battles and Battlefields
12 December 2010 Jonas "fudgebob dicepants" Susara 9401
Fudging Mythic RPG - Odds Questions
17 July 2010 fudgebob dicepants 9149
Fudge Fantasy 101
Shawn Lockard's Game Designer Blog, following him along as he designs Fudge Fantasy 101, a "brand new to roleplaying games" version of Fudge.
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Intermission: Reworking my Goals for Day of Fudge
20 April 2011 Shawn Lockard 41259
Gifting to a Fault
5 April 2011 Shawn Lockard 15412
Skills, the major focus of characters
3 March 2011 Shawn Lockard 9256
Attributes - Quick and Easy
3 December 2010 Shawn Lockard 9717
Game Design in Public
17 November 2010 Shawn Lockard 7650
A little bit about Scope, a little bit about blog method
26 April 2010 Shawn Lockard 7062
Fudge Fantasy 101: Preface
8 December 2009 Shawn Lockard 6868
Fudge Free for All
This is a generic blog for any authors who'd care to submit their musings on Fudge.
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Alternative Histories
8 January 2016 4088
Thanks for the Memories: Genetic Transtemporal Synchronous Cognition
6 February 2011 Vermonster 11202
FUDGE Scale applied to Skills, Gifts, and Faults
7 December 2010 10700
On Gifts and Faults
18 November 2010 Jonathan Snyder 7984
FUDGE Scale - More than Mass
25 November 2009 9505
Grey Ghost Blather
Ann Dupuis posts semi-random and semi-regular thoughts on Grey Ghost Press, Fudge, publishing, roleplaying, and other topics.
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Heroes of Oz RPG Quickstart
1 January 2016 Ann Dupuis 7640
Fudge for Engineers and Artists
25 November 2010 Ann Dupuis 8830
The Codex of Fudge
Here you will find all the information regarding Jonathan Snyder's projects released for the awesome FUDGE game system.
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Adding Weapon Immunity in Fudge
31 January 2017 Jonathan Sndyer 7945
Gifts, Faults, Backgrounds?
17 January 2017 Jonathan Snyder 3088
The Spear in the Gut - Traps in Fudge
8 January 2017 Jonathan Snyder 3255
The Miracle of Fudge
25 December 2016 Jonathan Snyder 3395
Is it Okay to Fudge the Results?
25 May 2016 Jonathan Snyder 2864
How to Make it Challenging for High Level Characters
29 February 2016 Jonathan Snyder 6006
Making Players Feel Needed
22 June 2012 Jonathan Snyder 9518
Dealing With Player Character Death
12 February 2012 Jonathan Snyder 10637
Art of Improvisation
30 December 2011 Jonathan Snyder 10493
How to Design a Setting
12 April 2011 Jonathan Snyder 9957
I GMed my very first game!
24 January 2011 Jonathan Snyder 11548
Role-playing with Camels
14 December 2010 Jonathan Snyder 9390
Shallow Graves - My First FUDGE game!
27 November 2010 Jonathan Snyder 8746
Snyder's Insanity & A Fudge Tale: Ice Princess
18 November 2010 Jonathan Snyder 7940

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