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Fudge Dice Tubes: Four Fudge Dice of a Single ColorFudge Dice Players Packs

Fudge dice are six-sided dice with two "plus" sides, two "minus" sides, and two blank sides, for use with Fudge and other games. Rolling four Fudge dice returns results from -4 to +4 ("Abysmal" to "Legendary" in Fudge terms) . These Fudge dice "players packs" offer 4 Fudge dice of a single color in a plastic tube. Includes a "Welcome to Fudge Dice" document with Fudge dice statistics and tips on using the dice for Fudge and other games.

GGG9004BK, Fudge Dice Player's Pack, 4 Fudge dice (black)
GGG9004BL, Fudge Dice Player's Pack, 4 Fudge dice (blue)
GGG9004I, Fudge Dice Player's Pack, 4 Fudge dice (ivory)
GGG9004R, Fudge Dice Player's Pack, 4 Fudge dice (red)
GGG9004W, Fudge Dice Player's Pack, 4 Fudge dice (white)
Price: $5.99

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