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Preparing Files for the Fudge Files Repository

For legal reasons, all Fudge material submitted by members for inclusion in the Fudge Files repository must be released under the Open Game License. Please follow the instructions in our Fudge OGL Requirements article to prepare your file for uploading.

It's as easy as copying and pasting a bunch of text into your document and customizing a few bits of it to match the document's information, and voilá! Instant compliance with both the Open Game License and improved how to get some viagra the Fudge System Trademark License so you can share your work with other Fudge fans!

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Fudge RPG top
Books and accessories for the Fudge RPG.
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Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition
Another Fine Mess
A Magical Medley
Deryni Adventure Game top
Books and accessories for the Deryni Adventure Game.
Articles Hits
The Deryni Adventure Game
The Eleven Kingdoms: Poster Map of the Deryni World
Poster Map Close-Up
Deryni Dice
Fudge Dice top
Fudge Dice for use with Fudge and other roleplaying games.
Articles Hits
Olympic Fudge Dice
Fudge Dice GMs Packs
Fudge Dice Players Packs
Deryni Dice
Terra Incognita top
Terra Incognita: Exploration, Adventure, and Tea at Four!
Articles Hits
Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook
General Interest top
General interest roleplaying game books and accessories (not necessarily Fudge-specific).
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Gamemastering Secrets
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