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Product Reviews

Reviews of Fudge products from Grey Ghost Press and other publishers.

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1 Fudge Review by J. Andrew Kitkowski Fudge Review by J. Andrew Kitkowski
J. Andrew Kitkowski's review of the Fudge Expanded Edition (©2000) is an extensive review not just of the book, but Fudge dice, GMing Fudge, Fudge publishing (the info's a bit out of date, for current info please see "Fudge Publishing" in the main menu above) -- and especially the Fudge "Experience." Well worth the read if you want a comprehensive review of what Fudge is all about!
2 Fudge 10th Anniversary review by Will Mistretta Fudge 10th Anniversary review by Will Mistretta
In this extensive review of the Fudge 10th Anniversary hardcover edition, Will Mistretta concentrates on the new material unique to this book. He concludes with "As for me, I have a new "desert island rulebook" and it's Fudge 10th. Happy anniversary, baby."

3 Fudge 10th Anniversary Review by Lady Gamer Fudge 10th Anniversary Review by Lady Gamer
The Lady Gamer (staff writer Carol Townsend) reviews Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition
4 Fudge 10th Anniversary Review at Kingbeast's Lair Fudge 10th Anniversary Review at Kingbeast's Lair
John Taber reviews the services order cheapest levitra online 10th Anniversary Edition of Fudge
5 Fudge Review by Patrick Benson at Gnome Stew Fudge Review by Patrick Benson at Gnome Stew
Patrick Benson reviews the Fudge game in general at Gnome Stew
6 Another Fine Mess Review Another Fine Mess Review
Pyramid Review of "Another Fine Mess" (note: this is a sample from Pyramid, the full review requires a subscription)
7 "The Unexplained" Review
Patrick Benson reviews "The Unexplained," the Fudge roleplaying game of paranormal investigations published by Carnivore Games.
8 Of Fudge and Fate Of Fudge and Fate
A quick review of Fudge and Fate by Dan in "Troll in the Corner"

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