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A forum for discussing & participating in FudgeRPG.com website events

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http://www.fudgerpg.com/community/forums/topic.html?id=128&p=898#p898 Horror at Station K
Aug-28-12 16:08:29
Last post by: JonathanS223
This is the place to comment on or make suggestions for changes and updates and additions to fudgerpg.com!

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[quote=Saxonwulf]I have tried twice now to buy some dice off your store and each time it asks for me to choose a shipping method but gives me NO shipping options to select from, so I can't go any further. I live in Australia, I'm hoping... Online Order blocked at shipping
May-13-14 13:03:42
Last post by: ann
This is the place to request additional forums (if you'd like to post a topic that doesn't seem to fit into existing forums) or make other suggestions!

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Without the aid of software to account and time the possession of the baton (by username), the simplist rule (to self-enforce) is that no author can follow him/herself, period, end of rule. That might make it into a competition (of the stink-bomb... Story-by-Baton
Jan-03-13 15:29:16
Last post by: Vermonster
Can't figure out how to do something you'd like to do on this site? Notice a bug or glitch or annoyance or problem? Get help here!

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I tried the Search in the Members Directory but get no results. My example was for "StereotypeA". EDIT: ... but it found "fudgebob". It's probably my fault. :p User search not functioning
Feb-02-12 19:25:20
Last post by: fudgebob
Promote your Fudge games here (on-line or face-to-face), suggest gamer get-togethers, advertise Fudge-related sales or auctions, etc.

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Here's another Bundle of Holding offering Fudge fans might be interested in! This one features small-press games from the Indie Game Developers Network, including Psi-Punk -- a Fudge game with high-quality production values and (of course)... Psi-Punk Fudge RPG game available in latest "Bundle of Holding"
Feb-19-15 16:04:28
Last post by: ann
Questions -- and answers! -- regarding Fudge copyrights, the Open Game License, what you legally can and generic propecia alternative cannot do with Fudge, and any other topic related to copyright and trademark law.

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I rescind the question as I wrote it while I was fevered from a flu 103. I have NO clue what I was talking about...I don't even remember writing it. OGL FAQS
Sep-15-13 16:27:05
Last post by: JonathanS223
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General discussion concerning games & accessories provided by Grey Ghost Games

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Here is Part 4 (Bioenergetics) of Brian Mathers's "Where I Read...." series spotlighting A Magical Medley.... http://boddynock-te.blogspot.com/2015/01/wir-magical-medley-part-4.html "Where I Read...." blog post by Brian Mathers: A Magical Medley
Jan-06-15 16:03:46
Last post by: ann
Are you a member of the National Archaeological, Geographic, and Submarine Society? Would you like to travel the world, exploring lost cities and seeking out ancient secrets and treasures? Welcome to the NAGS Society!

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Although I have a special fondness for the 1930s, especially in pulp adventure, my campaign has NAGS set in the future (or the distant, distant past - no one is quite sure) and focuses on using operatives from the specific time and area as needed.... Pulp Setting time period preference
Jan-10-11 13:25:28
Last post by: MormonYoYoMan
The Deryni are a race of humans with the gift of magic, feared and persecuted by those who don’t understand their powers. The Eleven Kingdoms offer a world of chivalry, intrigue, and adventure!

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Heh, well I do recommend the 10th Anniversary book to people that seem receptive to Fudge. And the Deryni Game as well of course. ;) Deryni Magic Supplement still in the works?
Nov-16-10 22:10:55
Last post by: Erifnogard
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Post notes and transcripts from actual play sessions you've had with Fudge games

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20:01 <~bynw> *Nym was invited to a secret meeting with 3 others. The Anadari Haldren Master and best viagra Prince Temere. Prince Ambrose Ibly of Einar, a vampire. And a newcomer to Nym, named D'nar. 20:03 <~bynw> *they have talked about... Nym Gibran
Apr-07-13 17:20:10
Last post by: anlarye
Talk about anything Fudge here!

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There are still a few days left to run on these (at the time of writing), so I thought I'd post links in case other [i]Fudge[/i] players are interested. No connection etc etc. Both have already unlocked their [i]Fudge[/i] stretch goals:... A couple of Fudge dice Kickstarters
Feb-15-15 14:53:32
Last post by: BigJackBrass
Discuss the ins and outs of GMing roleplaying games using the Fudge system -- or GMing in general!

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Though I have not played Fallout, this link might help you to when it comes to building weapons. http://www.fudgerpg.com/goodies/fudge-files/builds/A-New-Dimension-to-Gunfire/ Looking for a Laser and Firearms Weapons Chart
Aug-29-15 22:37:30
Last post by: JonathanS223
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Please introduce yourself here! Who you are, what you hope to hammer out in Fudge Forge, and how you think you can help others hammer out their projects.

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Hi. Sounds interesting. I have never played Spelljammer. From what I hear, its like D&D in space or something like that. I know it came out for AD&D 2.0. I do like the idea of the fantasy races in space. Back when it came out, I more... New Old Guy
May-07-15 10:52:06
Last post by: kwickham
General Hints and Tips for Designing Fudge Rules and Builds and Discussion of Same

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The easiest method would be some sort of floating gift/power. Basically, have one power that represents the gadgets themselves which lets you alter a second power which is the effect of said gadgets. Looking for a way to simulate a gadget pool
Nov-16-14 00:33:41
Last post by: Knaight
Discuss rules design here

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It's been a LONG time since I took a psych course (although I do a lot of reading, for my animal behavior consulting work -- need to understand the psychology of the animals and their owners to be able to best help them!).... so the Big Five... Personality Traits
Mar-28-15 13:20:21
Last post by: ann
Talk about the statistics and http://laramcculloch.com/buying-cialis-now mechanics of various randomizers for Fudge, including Fudge dice and varations, cards, and the like

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This is pretty well established, actually. Fudge Factor had a few implementations (back before it went offline), and an old list had one as well. Off the top of my head: 1) Partial Levels: You get 1 additional die, which is clearly marked in some... The D&D 5e Advantage / Disadvantage mechanic
Sep-22-14 09:53:33
Last post by: Knaight
Discuss equipment design here

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Hey Guys, I'm working on a game that is a mashup of the Colonial Marines from the movie 'Aliens', and the setting Delta Green from Call of Cthulhu. I already have stats for a lot of the small arms that marines can use but... Heavy Weapons for Fudge
Apr-15-14 14:27:50
Last post by: boddynock_s
Converting different systems, characters, settings, etc. to Fudge

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I'll drop him a line ASAP. STAR WARS
Nov-29-12 05:50:32
Last post by: Dungeonero
General Hints and Tips for World-Building and Discussion of Same

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See Jack Vance's "The Languages of Pao" for some ideas on how language can affect culture and ways of thinking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Pao A Question about Species
Aug-23-12 07:44:01
Last post by: Umikuma
Discuss specific setting ideas here

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Thanks for the responses! I will definitely it all in to consideration as I finalize my book. What do you expect in a source book for races?
Oct-27-12 14:41:34
Last post by: JonathanS223
Discuss characters (PCs and NPCS) here.

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I now need to narrow the Attribute traits to ones that I would would use. There is a tradeoff between familiarity and unique attribute trait names. Fantasy games have similar named attributes, even fantasy fudge. In the core 1.3 mentions... PC abilities
Mar-14-15 01:28:10
Last post by: kwickham
The "watering hole" or "pub" for general chit-chat among Fudge Forge members

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This forum is currently empty
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Please use this forum for any off-topic posts that may be of interest to other members of the Fudge Community!

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I never knew that existed. That's pretty cool! FUDGE Dungeon Crawl
Feb-04-15 16:08:47
Last post by: JonathanS223
Discuss other roleplaying games here.

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I just finnish reading "The Iron Fist of New Atlantis". Here are some comments: 1) Interesting setting. Putting the Humans as the main antagonists is an attention getter. It has been done before (The Battle for Terra; Avatar, etc),... Titled
Oct-20-11 14:57:10
Last post by: WarLord
Discuss the business side of the roleplaying game industry here!

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