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For the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing some of the ideas I’ve had about giving more variety to a campaign or session without just using the Offensive Damage Factor (ODF) and Defensive Damage Factor (DDF) that come with the rules. This week I thought I would bring in another area that might add a challenge without having to level up your players or the enemies they face.

I have found with my group that the introduction of weapon/powers immunity has been great at not only spicing up the fight but making the players think outside of the box. When I was running A Fudge Tale: The Ice Princess, I gave the ice golem an immunity to ice or any sort of cold damage which caught our resident sorcerer off guard. As they team had been building everything around this magic user, the introduction of the immunity really forced them to think of new tactics to fight off the creature. It also made sure that the sorcerer player started looking at his other spells instead of just relying on the more common ones he liked to use.

One of the things you would have to be careful with is giving a weapon immunity to broad that nobody can really hurt it or to specific that it’s just a stat that is never used as that type of damage isn’t inflicted.

I have only had a limited experience using this as my group has been playtesting Blood in Space RPG and those rules do not have any weapon limitation or immunity (as of yet).

What do you think of weapon immunity? Do you have your own methods of throwing some spice into fudge combat? Let us know over on the forums!


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